Why invest in Leadership Camp?


Leadership Camp helps you and your employees learn more about their leadership style and how to apply their style to become better leaders.


Leadership Camp is a highly interactive session that is customized to the client's needs. It is called Camp because it is generally held in a location where many of the exercises are completed in the outdoors.


There is an integration of indoor and outdoor activities, including classroom sessions that challenge individuals to examine their leadership style.


To develop an agenda, there are interviews to determine what needs to be different in the organization. From these interviews, a first draft agenda is developed that is altered through discussion to create the final session agenda.


The experiential activities are a combination of table and outdoor (which can be done inside if weather is a problem) activities. If a person is physically challenged, they may still participate in many ways. These activities all relate to leadership and significant learning occurs during the exercise. After the exercise is completed, discussions allow the learning of the event to be directly implemented into the workplace.


The goal of Leadership Camp is for each individual to leave with a set of information that when implemented, will allow their effectiveness at work to significantly increase.


Pricing is tailored to your specific group or organization. Call or Email today to receive a proposal for Leadership Camp.


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