What is Succession Planning?



In order for key roles to be be filled within a company,  an organization needs to ensure that the right employees are trained and recruited.


Through the right succession planning process, you recruit superior employees, develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities, and prepare them for advancement or promotion into ever more challenging roles in your organization.


Proper succession planning ensures that employees are constantly developed to fill each needed role in your organization.


Your succession planning guarantees that you have employees ready to fill new roles as your organization expands, loses key employees, and provides promotional job opportunities.


Do you need Succession Planning?


No matter the size of the organization, you need succession planning and even if you are a smaller organization that may not be able to have a potential successor for every role in your company, you can minimally cross-train in order to keep your organization's mission on track if a key employee leaves.



What is the advantage of Succession Planning for an Employee?


  • Employees will get a boost of self-esteem and self-respect when they learn that a new role or promotion awaits. This enhances their productiveness and value as an employee.


  • Knowing the organization's plans for the next potential opportunity reinforces the desire for career growth and opportunities.


  • An employee will have the opportunity to work with their manager or supervisor to make sure that the employee has a career plan that moves him or her in the direction of their next opportunity.


  • The employee's value is shared with the rest of the organization so that if an opportunity comes up, the managers can consider the employee to fill the role. In an informal system, managers organization-wide may not know the value of the employee and his or her skills.


What is the advantage of Succession Planning for an Employer?


  • Your staff is important to carrying out the mission and vision of your company and they are necessary in order to accomplish the goals of the organization. The loss of a key employee can impair your ability to accomplish these important objectives.


  • You need prepared employees to step into roles as your company grows and expands its offerings and services.


  • Having prepared successors enables you to make necessary changes without being hampered by a lack of replacements.


  • Knowledge about key, skilled, contributing employees is shared with managers organization-wide. This information allows managers to consider the widest number of candidates for any open job.


  • Effective, proactive succession planning leaves your organization well prepared for all contingencies.


What can we do for you?


Ken Bratz Consulting provides services in the development and management of succession plans. We can provide the process for creating the plan and also the development of the process.


Several instruments are used to determine the need, including a competency process that is easy, quick, as well as effective. Because there are a great number of variables and approaches to succession planning, an intensive interview process to establish a plan and a direction are completed first. This information is provided to a succession team that develops the plan and the fulfillment of the plan.


Mentoring is included as a part of succession planning in many instances. Ken Bratz Consulting has developed a course designed to assist organizations in the mentoring process. The course is interactive and provides the mentor and the person being mentored with a process to use as they prepare their plan. A framework for an Individual Development Plan is provided along with a Career Planning process.


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