Ken Bratz Consulting provides consulting services directed at creating high performance environments. We have found that one of the biggest problems in organizations is a lack of trust. Trust can only be increased with dialogue--people talking with each other and attempting to understand each other's viewpoint. In most cases, trust gaps are wide and have usually existed for long periods of time.


Gaps are generally related to six distinct areas:


1. Strategy


2. Processes


3. Structure


4. Empowered Teams


5. Leadership


6. Dialogue


In the past, organizations have offered training courses that relate to each separate area. Even though these courses can be very valuable, there is usually little connection between them, so they have minimum impact. As a result, they are often labeled "program of the month." Ken Bratz Consulting has found that there are ways to link the programs so that they provide much greater impact. We begin with a total system evaluation. Once the whole system is analyzed, obstacles to system change become apparent. It is important to take action to remove the barriers immediately. We help you develop a new common language and consistent ground rules that allow your organization to communicate through the change process.


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