Ken Bratz Consulting has developed over twenty team exercises to address team issues. Thousands of our clients' team members have participated in these exercises. Most of these exercises are available as Internet team learning modules or they can be used in the classroom.


Why choose Ken Bratz Consulting Teambuilding course?


Teambuilding was primarily designed to help people work together better. There are seven basic - building blocks to teambuilding:


1. Customer Focus


2. Developing and Setting Goals


3. Trust and Open Communication


4. Conflict Resolution


5. Setting Ground Rules


6. Clear Roles and Expectations


7. Consensus Decisions




Our Let’s Communicate module, covers the three exciting areas of Expressing Yourself, Conflict Resolution, and Active Listening. This module uses video as a part of the learning process and is very interactive.


We also offer a wide variety of experiential exercises for use to add to the sessions to create a fun learning environment.


Call for additional information, 1-800-657-2235. We can create a custom module, provide an off-the-shelf for you to deliver, or we can provide delivery ourselves.




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